In the news: Mississippi is still struggling to get their PlayNow service back up and running. Touted as North America’s best government-sanctioned lottery, it’s definitely the MS Lottery Company’s pride and joy. The Mississippi Lottery offers fun and excitement with Powerball, Mega Millions, and scratch-off games with big prizes and big winners. Or would be, if the darn thing hadn’t quit during the first day. Too many people trying to play blackjack online or something…but that wasn’t the only problem. Apparently some player accounts were ‘visible’ to others…and at least one of those others used $8000 worth of other people’s money!).

Yikes. If that wasn’t bad enough, the MS Lottery guy only mentioned the number of people and not the failure of security…and it took all of two days for the truth to come out. Apparently he was so rattled after an obviously horrible day that he was involved in a boating accident on the way home in which he was seriously injured. If he is smart, a family member will contact their best Mississippi maritime injury attorneys, since it appears from the police report and the videos of the accident that he was not at fault. I’m not so familiar with the MS laws regarding serious boating accidents, but in the US victims of an accident are at a decided disadvantage if they attempt to challenge an insurance company without a lawyer at their side. People who have sustained serious injuries with possible long-term consequences that would impact complete recovery should not feel pressured into a quick settlement. Many times impulsive decisions along with complicated insurance jargon in the settlement agreement can lead to a disaster for the victim. And considering this poor guys string of bad luck, he really needs an advocate. Particularly since in the past he has had issues with excessive drinking and I am sure that the insurance companies will question whether he was drinking or not at the time of the accident, not matter what the videos show. We wish him a speedy recovery as we do Mississippi’s PlayNow service.

Well, the insurance companies can forget about a drinking issue regarding the MS Lottery guy’s behavior. According to the local newspapers he had stopped drinking any alcohol several years ago after he followed a program to help people take control of their excessive drinking at a website called LifeBac. Mentioning the website has probably been the best free advertising they could hope for. LifeBac helps people who want to cut back their drinking take control before they slide into alcoholism. They are not a rehab or treatment clinic, but a collection of modern, science-based tools to empower people not only to avoid the downward spiral, but also to improve their relationships, health, sleep focus and productivity. They offer two prescription medications that allows people to quit or drink moderately without cravings.
There are weekly check-ins with a personal LifeBac Guide who follows the person’s progress while helping them keep motivated by setting goals and incorporating skills to avoid the downward spiral to alcoholism. Apparently the program was an amazing success for the MS Lottery guy.

You have found the ‘Net’s Brain. I hope that you’re not too disappointed to find out that the Internet is thinking mostly about online gambling!

I know I’m not disappointed. Personally, I love gambling and I love freedom, and the Internet has given regular people like us the means to enjoy our freedom to gamble.

I won’t go so far as to say we have a right to gamble…but why not? Sure, there are a small minority of people that overdo it, or fail spectacularly, and make the rest of us look bad. That’s always the way. But by and large, online gamblers are nothing more than people who enjoy putting a little money on the line at a game of chance and/or skill. What, exactly, is wrong with that?

Here on this site, we’ll try to give the uninitiated (or partially-initiated) a crash course in the many delights that the online gambling world has in store for them. Sure, there are some scams out there, and some companies that are run by people who simply want to take your money. That’s true for the Internet as a whole, and in the ‘real world’ too. There was a time when I wouldn’t have dared to do any real-money business online — not even eBay, Amazon, or my bank’s online account services!

Well, those times are behind us. We’re no more at risk on the Internet than we are taking out our wallet to pay for food at the drive-through (maybe a bit less!). And there are now a wide variety of Internet gambling companies run by respectable, established, and (most importantly?) ethical businessmen.

Take a look at our pages, we’ll give you some recommendations. Don’t just take our word for it, though (after all, who are we? We could be anybody!). We highly recommend that you do a little research on your own! Your own research is always a good idea where you are trying to gamble or purchase waterfront real estate.

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