Big Win

I was online just the other day having a bit of fun when I came across a great opportunity to make money. You see I keep my eye out for people who seem to be playing with disregard for the general rules of playing well. If I am in the right spot at the right time I can usually make a pretty penny & that is just what happened the other day.


I was just sitting around at a table playing a couple of hands when this guy sat down & bought in with a huge chunk of change. I wondered if he was going to be someone I could play with because a lot of times I will avoid playing when it seems like I have not got “a feel”, so to speak, on the person I am up against. I sat back & watched a couple of hands. He was actually doing well but I was able to see that the 2 hands he won on were both won an the very last possible card. This is odd because there was a good little bit of betting going on. He just kept right on betting even though he did not have anything. Of course, this was not readily visible at the time & only a well versed poker player would notice such a thing. I knew that I had a mark though so I started getting involve with him on a couple of hands. I played some cards that I should not have but I made sure the betting did not get out of hand.

I let him take notice & when I got a good set of cards in the hole, I set the bait. He jumped right on board & so did a couple of other players at the table. I set the trap & I was hoping the flop would allow me the set the hook in my catch. On the flop I got just what I was looking for & I did not even have to wait for the bet to get to me because the other players started it right up. When the bet got to me I called & just wanted to get to the next card. Which also seemed to be in my favor. I was so happy even though no one bet that round until it got to me I knew they would all call even if my bet was big. I bet & they followed suit.

The last card was in my favor & when the betting came around I pushed all in. One of the players folded & the other 2 went all in to call me. Little did they know that I already knew I would win that hand. I could tell by their gameplay. I won $4,900 & stood up from the table with my winnings.


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