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If you’re here, then you already know that if you live in the United States, a search for ‘online gambling us’ is going to give you a chance to have some fun.

Online casinos offer so many different games that even the most fickle player would be satisfied for a long time. On the other hand, most of them are single-player games of chance like online slots. While slots may be the most popular game of chance it is strictly that – a game of luck. Apparently most people go for games of luck and sometimes I’m even cool with that. I search for and play at my favorite online slots USA, play roulette, craps, et cetera. When you play games that rely completely on luck, like slots, you can relax, knowing that nothing you do can really change your luck. But there’s only one game out there if you want to pit your skills against human opponents, and that game is poker.

In fact, poker is one of the big reasons that the online gambling industry is as big as it is. Right around the turn of the century, just as computers were starting to have the power to offer a richer online experience, poker started to boom. In a few short years, Texas Hold’em went from a pastime of gamblers to a mainstream media sensation.

When Chris Moneymaker took the World Series of Poker title in 2003 after qualifying at online satellites, new players flocked to the Internet for poker by the hundreds of thousands. It may not be too far from the truth to say that the Internet as a whole benefited from the increased popularity and especially security and safety that was required of these online poker websites.

Sites like Full Tilt and Poker Stars suddenly had big budget marketing opportunities, and newcomers like Bodog quickly got in on the action. Our favorite, Cake Poker , began as a small quality-oriented network for discerning players, and drew enough business to expand this mission to become one of the best poker networks in the world (hooking up with, among others, Doyle Brunson, the father of Texas Hold’em, when Doyle’s Room joined the network last year).

An interesting footnote is that the UIGEA, while an extreme annoyance for online casino USA players, failed to drive out the major players in the online poker world. So all of the great sites that I mentioned above are still ready to accept US players. And as the years have passed, all the brouhaha around the UIGEA regulations has died down and even brink-and-mortar casinos are getting into the online casino business. Most online casino sites have gone mobile, now that so many people have smart phones. I was playing poker just the other day on my iphone when I was interrupted with a text message from a friend asking if I knew of a reliable std test that could be done at home. He didn’t want to go to his doctor’s office or to a clinic. He wanted to check out the results from the privacy of his home. Google it, I texted. Or better still, go to this site. They offer the best home std test kit from and have a 95%-99% accuracy. But for goodness sakes, go to a doctor if you test positive or your symptoms ( if you have any) persist. Don’t be an idiot. I returned to my poker game but was too distracted to continue. Upshot of the test was my friend tested negative and that was that. The bottom line for playing online poker is that it is now easily available for US players and that’s great news.

There have been a lot of new changes to the regulations associated with online poker in the united states. There are a lot more people interested in not only playing it because of these changes but there are a lot of people & companies getting into the design as well.

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