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I hate to admit it, but I really like old technology. Gears, pistons, clockworks, steam power and glowing vacuum tubes (that’s valves to you overseas blokes). I don’t know that I’d go as far as to call myself ‘steampunk’ (seems a bit frivolous and indiscriminate to me), but I am definitely attracted to outdated machinery.

On the other hand, new gadgets are also a big personal fascination. I was an early computer nerd, in the days when you backed up to a cassette tape and connected to the ‘net by putting your telephone headset (corded, probably) right on top of your specially-molded modem. The two decades since then have been filled with the kinds of things that a techno-geek could only dream of; between all of the impressive stuff that goes into computers (or vice versa) and all of the personal entertainment and productivity gizmos, we truly live in marvelous times.

How best to combine my love for old and new? How about online slots?

Think about it…what could be more ‘steampunk’ than a classic old-school slots machine, with its lever-action controls, big clanking metal gears that spin real reels. Online slots use virtual versions of these processes, making them every bit as much fun as the original…and noticeably cheaper, easier to maintain, and far more flexible in operation. Actually, the first one came out before the 20th Century, so you could see the rise of online slots over the past decade as a sort of centennial tribute to the progenitor.

While there are indeed plenty of classic fruit machines or one-armed bandits at land based casinos, your don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home for online slots games that come in a variety of designs and themes. A number of these have all of the details right, down to the wood grain and rivets, the glare of the glass on the reel windows, and the satisfying chunk of the metal handle ratcheting back into place. The creators of online gaming software have to have designers who are virtual steampunkers to create such wicked looking online slot games.

You may not be able to physically pull the slot leaver while playing online slots, but their graphics and sounds are awesome. Just like the slot machines you’ll find in Vegas and other land based casinos, online slots games come in a variety of designs and themes. You can find online classic slots, video slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots, and slot tournaments. You may end up playing day and night with the hundreds of online slots games available at the online casinos.

In addition, US online slots players should take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions the online casinos offer to entice you to play. For example, offers legal online slots for US players and free rolls available – they’re all just a click away. The welcome bonuses can be very generous and really help you get started when you are a newly registered player. And for other players be on the lookout for reload bonuses, referral bonuses, game bonuses, and many other bonuses.


If you want even more excitement, check out the terrific online slots tournaments offered at a number of online gambling websites. Although each online casino will have their site-specific entry rules, the basic tournament concept is generally the same. First: there will be a buy-in you pay in order to become involved in the tournament. Second: once you buy into the online slots tournament, you get a certain amount of credits to play with. You might find that some slot tournaments require you to play on specific slot machines, but other tournaments allow you to play on any slot machine. Third: the tournament lasts a certain amount of time as you try to play your way up the leaderboard. Lastly: slot tournament winners are based on the player’s position when the tournament time is up. Most online slots tournaments pay out for several players, so if you really want to have a great time playing online slots, consider entering a tournament!

Gotta run now. It’s time for my daily dose of 5 reel online slots at my favorite website, Sloto’Cash Casino!

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